12th August 2015

Miles meets Mickey Mouse!!!

I am so excited, I have just been to Disneyland Paris with Dregan Turner and his family.

Take a look at my Story and pictures HERE! 


Sunday 9th August 2015.

Robin Hood Festival.

After the picnic of yesterday, I went home with Dregan Turner and his family. Dregan is 15 and has CDM. He took me around Sherwood Forest, and showed me lots of fun things in the Robin Hood Festival. We watched the Jousting show, and had a photo taken next to the 'Great Oak'.

Sat 8th August 2015.

Picnic at Sherwood Forest.

Today was Miles (UK) trip to meet all the lovely children and adults in Sherwood Forest, and had a photo taken for his memories. This was an eventful occassion for Miles, as it was the first time he had met many of the children. He played, ate sandwiches and sunbathed in the lovely weather.

 "A Roar-some day, Thank you for inviting me!"

5th August 2015.

Miles meets the team at MDUK in London.